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Students learn how to

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Exciting, Hands-on, Self-Paced, Online Courses for Innovators Grades 6-12
 Like You Have Never Seen Before! is the perfect online resource for students grades 6-12 who want to learn how to DESIGN, BUILD and CREATE the world of tomorrow.

Do you have students who love to DESIGN, BUILD and CREATE?
Give your 6-12th grade students this exercise in applied math and science, innovation, design, and construction with an experience being an Engineer, Architect or Carpenter!


Courses (grades 6-12)

Course - Thinking Like an Engineer!
*Design Software Included

This exciting course includes interactive lessons, exciting hands-on activitiesdesign challenges, and 3D design software that will give students a chance to challenge their engineering skills and practice thinking like an engineer.  The goal of this course is NOT to make students into engineers, but to help them think like an innovator.

Course - Thinking Like an Architect!
*Design Software Included

In this exciting course, students will learn a little about the history of architecture.  Then, using science and math, they will solve problems related to building and structures.  Students will learn how to use an architect scale, read blue prints, and use 3D design software to design their own dream house in 3D and build it as a paper scale model.  Includes lots of fun, hands-on activities!

Course - Thinking Like a Carpenter!
*Scale Model Supplies Included



Coming Summer 2017!

Course length: Each course is approximately 30 hours (including activities).
*Courses can be used as components of science courses (about one school year quarter per course)
or they might be used as elective courses (one-fourth credit per course).

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The ability to innovate and create is like a muscle, and without an exercise routine that muscle will not grow. Every student needs to exercise their innovative muscle.  These courses are the "weight machines" used to build that muscle.

A Few Facts:

 Studies have proven that being smart is not the same as being creative and innovative.

♥  Creativity does NOT increase with intelligence.

 These courses will help your teenager become smarter AND more creative and innovative.

Just like athletes need a sport to express their gift, Innovators need a way to express their gift too. Give your Innovators this experience...It’s their sport! 

What's included in each course

Design Software

Students learn to use powerful design software to help bring their ideas to life. All software is included!

Interactive Lessons

Lessons include visual multimedia presentations and interactive slides to keep students engaged.

Activity Guides

Courses are packed with fully guided hands-on activities. Students are fully supported in each activity.

1 Year Online Support

Students are always an email away from help during the 1 year access subscription to each course.

Safe for Students

Courses are safely contained within a carefully guarded and password protected online learning community.

Science is about what is.
Innovation is about what can be!

The ability to innovate is like a muscle and needs to be exercised.


What Students Say

♥   "I learned a lot about bridges, engineering and physics...It really helped me better understand math."

♥   "The engineering mystery was sooooo cool!"


♥   "Best class ever!"

What Parents Say

♥   "What a fun way to learn about engineering and practice creativity...I want to take this class!"

♥   "My son would not have known he was interested in engineering or have a direction in life, if he did not take these courses"

♥   "Thanks for bringing these courses to homeschoolers!"


"This really is an amazing program"

"...a wonderful way to introduce our students to various scientific and mathematic concepts"

"...a great addition to any homeschool program, excellent STEM education for students. I definitely recommend this program!"

"This is one of the most interesting things I have seen in quite a while"
"While it's not "core" it's probably just as important"
"The challenge projects are fabulous!"

"My son is not the easiest person to please curriculum-wise, but there is absolutely nothing about this course that he doesn’t like."

"A really great introduction to Nano-Engineering"

UC Berkeley Nanosciences & Nanoengineering Institute

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